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Low Budget/ Mains/ Salads


The year 2017 is just coming to an end. Like every year, I kind of feel astonished how fast the year has just passed by. Time flies – that’s so true. Looking back on 2017, I am more than grateful for all the exciting moments I experienced and the people I met. I am so grateful to have the chance to live my life to the fullest. 2017 was packed with lots of joyful moments, some challenges and great opportunities. Especially, I will remember the awesome time I had during my semester abroad in beautiful Norway. Food, of course, played a huge role in 2017. Even though I only rarely published new recipes on the blog this year, I prepared hundreds of delicious meals and tested some new ingredients and combinations. Thus, I want to share one more amazing recipe from 2017 with you: A fennel-carrot salad with couscous.

Warm winter salad with fennel, carrots, chickpeas and couscous.

Warm winter salad with fennel, carrots, chickpeas and couscous.

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Low Budget/ Salads/ Snacks


Happy Easter to all of you! I hope you enjoy the bank holiday as much as I do and spend some quality time with your family and friends (and of course a lot of good food! ;)). I enjoy some vacation with my family in the Netherlands and try to forget all university projects that are waiting for me once I am back in Münster hahaha. Originally, I wanted to prepare a carrot cake and post that recipe as Easter blog special. Therefore, I already bought 1kg of carrots a few days ago. However, I did not have any time to actually bake a cake, so I just packed all the carrots and brought them with me to the Netherlands. Here we are staying in an apartment with kitchenette (without an oven!) so at least I can prepare some fresh food :). Hence, I could prepare a fresh carrot salad with chickpeas, tomatoes, cashews and celery leaves for dinner.

Actually, this salad is also a perfect takeaway option for lunch at university or work. I will definitely prepare this salad for busy days at university. Enjoy your Easter Sunday and good luck with the egg hunt!


Fresh carrot salad for dinner!

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Desserts & Sweet Treats/ Low Budget/ Snacks


The apple harvest is already a few weeks ago, but I still have a decent stock of apples. Of course, this is perfect for preparing a delicious applesauce. Applesauce is very widely used. A friend of mine adds applesauce to almost every meal. Particularly, I like applesauce because you can heat up a small portion at any time and then enjoy a hot snack or dessert. ? Naturally, applesauce can not be missed either with potato fritters or pancakes.

I came up with this applesauce recipe spontaneously. I really just cooked the apples and then added the other ingredients like cinnamon or vanilla syrup because I had that stuff left in my kitchen. Cutting the apples in small pieces is  the “hardest” part because then you just let the apples simmer and can use your free time effectively to work or clean up the kitchen ;-).

Cinnamon-date applesauce

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