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Mains/ Snacks


It has been a while that I bought “normal” potatoes. Most likely you will find sweet potatoes in my kitchen which I use for my favorite creamy sweet potato coconut risotto, crunchy fries or lots of other delicious meals. A few days ago I discovered a recipe for a potato salad on Deliciously Ella’s blog. Since Ella’s recipe looked so delicious, I came up with this potato asparagus salad with strawberries. Unfortunately, this salad is a seasonal dish and it will taste best in spring and early summer. Therefore, mark this recipe for the upcoming spring season!

What I love about this recipe is that it just takes 10 minutes to prepare everything and you can easily pack it as lunch for work or a picknick in a park. What is your favorite summer salad? I really like to mix my summer salads with sweet fruits like strawberries or mango.

Potato salad with asparagus and strawberries

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Breakfast/ Smoothies & Juices/ Snacks


The second day in a row I prepared a refreshing smoothie after my daily morning run. Today it’s a vanilla strawberry mango smoothie! It’s so quick and easy to prepare and absolutely tasty. While writing this down, I just thought about whether my drink is a smoothie or a milkshake? What’s the difference anyway? Well, I googled the terms and it seems like a smoothie is just a puree of fruits and other ingredients like milk. Instead, a milkshake contains ice cream. I think the terms are really misleading, a milkshake should be rather renamed to an ice cream shake ?.

When you are looking for a refreshing cooling smoothie, you should freeze the fruits in advance. After my run, I froze them quickly while taking a shower. For the next time, I try to remind myself to freeze the fruits beforehand, so the drink is cooler and has a thicker consistency.

Strawberry mango smoothie

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Desserts & Sweet Treats


Looking back it’s hard to believe, but until 2-3 years ago I have never tasted an avocado. I can still remember the first time I found some green avocado slices in my salad. What a surprise! Interestingly, I did not really like avocado at first because the fruit itself has a very neutral taste. But if you pair the avocado with other ingredients, you’ll discover lots of new great combinations to also substitute unhealthy ingredients with a nutritious avocado. Because of its neutral taste and its creamy consistency, an avocado is perfect to use for savoury dishes, pesto, veggie sauces, mousse, cookies and also cake. If no one tells you that a chocolate cake consists of avocados, I am pretty sure you will never identify this special ingredient ?.

For my recipe testing, I prepared a small little ring cake and one kind of a tartlet. I topped both of them with strawberries, blueberries, chocolate sauce and coconut sugar. This is just one idea how to serve the cake. Of course, you can also top it with cocoa powder or other fruits.

My dear chocolate friends, there is no way you will not like this cake. So let’s bake it ?.

Avocado chocolate cake

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