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Do you also like these sunny and warm spring days as much as I do? Just a few days ago I passed by a canopy of cherry blossoms. So beautiful! Of course, I had to take a cherry twig for some spring decoration in my apartment 😉 Since I hadn’t had banana (n)icecream in a very long time, I spontaneously prepared a strawberry banana smoothie bowl. Seems like this quick and delicious snack will become my favorite summer dessert once again 🙂

By the way, you can mix and match this smoothie bowl with all different kind of fruits, grains and nuts. What’s your favorite combination?

My afternoon snack: strawberry banana smoothie bowl

My afternoon snack: strawberry banana smoothie bowl

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Breakfast/ Smoothies & Juices/ Snacks


The second day in a row I prepared a refreshing smoothie after my daily morning run. Today it’s a vanilla strawberry mango smoothie! It’s so quick and easy to prepare and absolutely tasty. While writing this down, I just thought about whether my drink is a smoothie or a milkshake? What’s the difference anyway? Well, I googled the terms and it seems like a smoothie is just a puree of fruits and other ingredients like milk. Instead, a milkshake contains ice cream. I think the terms are really misleading, a milkshake should be rather renamed to an ice cream shake ?.

When you are looking for a refreshing cooling smoothie, you should freeze the fruits in advance. After my run, I froze them quickly while taking a shower. For the next time, I try to remind myself to freeze the fruits beforehand, so the drink is cooler and has a thicker consistency.

Strawberry mango smoothie

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