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Breakfast/ Smoothies & Juices/ Snacks


The second day in a row I prepared a refreshing smoothie after my daily morning run. Today it’s a vanilla strawberry mango smoothie! It’s so quick and easy to prepare and absolutely tasty. While writing this down, I just thought about whether my drink is a smoothie or a milkshake? What’s the difference anyway? Well, I googled the terms and it seems like a smoothie is just a puree of fruits and other ingredients like milk. Instead, a milkshake contains ice cream. I think the terms are really misleading, a milkshake should be rather renamed to an ice cream shake ?.

When you are looking for a refreshing cooling smoothie, you should freeze the fruits in advance. After my run, I froze them quickly while taking a shower. For the next time, I try to remind myself to freeze the fruits beforehand, so the drink is cooler and has a thicker consistency.

Strawberry mango smoothie

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Breakfast/ Desserts & Sweet Treats/ Low Budget


If you are ever desperate for chocolate and need something sweet right away, make some double chocolate nicecream! I love to make nicecream for breakfast or as a dessert because you do not need any special ingredients and it’s so easy and quick to prepare. Most likely you will already have some brown-sprinkled bananas at home, the most important ingredient! Further, you need some cocoa powder, cinnamon and a natural sweetener like honey, agave syrup or maple syrup.

As a special treat, you can top your nicecream with dates, brownies or just almond butter. There are so many variations and all of them are so good. Another great alternative is homemade granola or simply oats. Especially, I love this sticky oaty chocolate texture. It has such a rich chocolate flavor. And not to forget, add cinnamon to your nicecream!

However, if you have never prepared nicecream before you should know two important things: 1) defrost the banana pieces 10 minutes before you want to have your nicecream ready. 2) have a good mixer at hand 😉


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