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Breakfast/ Smoothies & Juices/ Snacks


The second day in a row I prepared a refreshing smoothie after my daily morning run. Today it’s a vanilla strawberry mango smoothie! It’s so quick and easy to prepare and absolutely tasty. While writing this down, I just thought about whether my drink is a smoothie or a milkshake? What’s the difference anyway? Well, I googled the terms and it seems like a smoothie is just a puree of fruits and other ingredients like milk. Instead, a milkshake contains ice cream. I think the terms are really misleading, a milkshake should be rather renamed to an ice cream shake ?.

When you are looking for a refreshing cooling smoothie, you should freeze the fruits in advance. After my run, I froze them quickly while taking a shower. For the next time, I try to remind myself to freeze the fruits beforehand, so the drink is cooler and has a thicker consistency.

Strawberry mango smoothie

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Dips & Spreads


I have to admit my love for sweet potatoes – their taste is just so incredibly perfect. That’s why I just add them to almost every dish I prepare. Before moving to the United States, I did not know sweet potatoes at all. Of course, I have never tasted them before. My luck I went abroad and got to know this deliciousness. Sweet potato fries are one my favorite top 10 meals. However, sweet potato coconut risotto, sweet potato puree, squash or brownies are also great dishes I will share with you in the next time.

So coming back, today I will share with you my sweet potato mango dip, that is perfect to dip your veggies or as a spread for your bread.

Sweet potato mango dip

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