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Cinnamon-Almond Balls

Who already started to bake Christmas cookies? The first cookie jars at home are filled with chocolate-walnut brownies, nougat croissants and Christmas Stollen. These are the classics alongside shortbread, gingerbread and Spekulatius. But why not try some lesser known alternatives? On Pinterest, I discovered a recipe for cinnamon balls and was so enthusiastic about the simple preparation and few ingredients that I directly baked my own cinnamon-almond balls. Those of you who like energy balls and cinnamon will love these delicious and healthy cinnamon-almond balls! The preparation takes max. 10 minutes plus 10 minutes baking time in the oven. It is especially nice to sprinkle the baked cinnamon-almond balls with icing sugar. If you don’t like icing sugar, you can also roll the balls in grated coconut.

Warm Cinnamon-Almond Balls are the best!

Warm Cinnamon-Almond Balls are the best!

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