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Cinnamon-Almond Balls

Who already started to bake Christmas cookies? The first cookie jars at home are filled with chocolate-walnut brownies, nougat croissants and Christmas Stollen. These are the classics alongside shortbread, gingerbread and Spekulatius. But why not try some lesser known alternatives? On Pinterest, I discovered a recipe for cinnamon balls and was so enthusiastic about the simple preparation and few ingredients that I directly baked my own cinnamon-almond balls. Those of you who like energy balls and cinnamon will love these delicious and healthy cinnamon-almond balls! The preparation takes max. 10 minutes plus 10 minutes baking time in the oven. It is especially nice to sprinkle the baked cinnamon-almond balls with icing sugar. If you don’t like icing sugar, you can also roll the balls in grated coconut.

Warm Cinnamon-Almond Balls are the best!

Warm Cinnamon-Almond Balls are the best!

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Desserts & Sweet Treats/ Low Budget


Probably, you will find thousands of recipes for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on the internet and everyone tells that his or her recipe is the best in the world. Well, I still want to add my one as well :-). These cookies are definitely not similar to the ones you get at Subway, McDonalds, Starbucks etc. They are not super sweet but have this rich chocolate taste and a crispy soft texture. Thus, these cookies are the perfect snack in the afternoon, after your training, for breakfast, at night – simply always! What I love most about these chocolate cookies is that you can squeeze some ice cream in between two cookies and make yourself an ice cream sandwich. Actually, this combination tastes best when the cookies are still warm!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies time

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies all day long!

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